Versatile Actor, Recording Artist, and Filmmaker
Amir Royale Releases New Single “Paradox”

The Disney Dilla / Stevie Wonder / Prince of Hip-Hop Returns With Another Classic Masterpiece

NEW YORK — March 30, 2021 — Amir Royale, a multi-talented actor, recording artist, filmmaker and entrepreneur, released today “Paradox,” a thought-provoking record with an enlightening message of overcoming one’s insecurities and breaking free of personal demons.

Click here to listen to the record.

The record centers around introspective rap verses about stardom and ego; employing a melodious and insightful hook that responds critically to Royale’s verses. The “Disney Dilla/Stevie Wonder/Prince of Hip-Hop” envisioned “Paradox” as a song to help others during the strain of the pandemic, and more specifically, as a direct contrast to the emotionally powerful and personal record “People Say”.

“My hope is that ‘Paradox’ helps others find solace in the love they’ve always secretly had for themselves,” Royale said.

In addition to writing and performing the thoughtful lyrics of “Paradox,” Royale also composed, produced, arranged, and engineered the record. The song was executive produced by Richie and Eren Cannata of Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove, NY, as well as Prince Royale (Amir’s father). John Arbuckle of Cove City Sound Studios engineered and mixed the record.

Chris Gehringer of Sterling Sound (mastering engineer for Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and Lana Del Rey) in Edgewater, NJ returns as Royale’s mastering engineer after collaborating with him on his 2020 single, “People Say.” Sterling Sound mastering house most recently has received Grammy nods for involvement in the Silk Sonic 2021 single, “Leave the Door Open.” Grammy award-winning mastering engineer Alan Silverman of Arf Mastering in New York, NY (engineer for Norah Jones, Dolly Parton and Chaka Khan) also returns as the musical consultant to “Paradox.”

The artwork for “Paradox” was imagined by Amir Royale, realized by Julisse Tinoco (a.k.a. BlueSketchyDoodles, a BFA Animation student at the School of Visual Arts) and designed by SPECTRUMM Animations.

The release of “Paradox” follows a flurry of releases in 2020, such as Amir Royale’s debut horror film Les Poissons Morts in October. There was also the “hip-pop” infused electronic hit “Turning You Out” in June (which was a collaboration with fellow polymath and songwriter/producer DOMENICO). Prior to that, Royale re-released his debut mixtape Magnificent in May, while previously releasing his short film drama Please Stop Calling Me, and acting in the comedy sitcom podcast NEXT STOP in April. In February 2020, Royale dropped the soulful hip-hop record “Hold it Down (Freestyle),” while beginning the year of 2020 with the aforementioned “People Say” in January.

artwork by: BlueSketchyDoodles

composed by: Amir Angelo Oliver

lyrics by: Amir Angelo Oliver

produced by: Amir Royale

arranged by: Amir Royale

exec. produced by: Richie Cannata, Eren Cannata & Prince Royale

music consultant: Alan Silverman

engineered by: John Arbuckle & Amir Royale

mixed by: John Arbuckle

mastered by: Chris Gehringer

musical key: D major

BPM: 104