A couple sits down for their last round of fun.

Rising Actor & Filmmaker Amir Royale Releases New Short Film ‘Please Stop Calling Me’

Surreal Drama Traverses Insecurities Within Relationships

NEW YORK — Friday, April 3, 2020 — Rising actor, recording artist, entrepreneur and filmmaker Amir Royale today released PLEASE STOP CALLING ME, a compelling short film about the struggles of insecurity in relationships.

The film was released on YouTube and Vimeo and will be entered into upcoming film festivals and contests.

The Queens, New York City-native Royale directed, filmed and edited the short, cast the talent, and wrote the script. PLEASE STOP CALLING ME stars Kalonjee Gallimore (NYU Tisch Class of 2022) as “Him,” Triana Marie (NYU Tisch Class of 2019) as “Her,” and Josh Holmes (NYU Tisch Class of 2022) as “IG Guy.”

Click here to watch the film.

Set in Midtown, Manhattan, the plot features surreal events that cause drama between a couple. The story was crafted in such a way that viewers will explore what the man and woman feel as the story unfolds. It all ends with a twist that will leave most watchers with their jaws on the floor.

“There are a lot of relationships that exist today where honesty is not present in the relationship,” Royale said. “Someone may have thoughts on something but they don’t know how to express it out loud.”

He added, “I wanted this to be a slice of life—because this story in a weird way is something that everyone has experienced personally or have experienced through another person.”

Film crew members included Ava Eichel, Elan Pelegri, and Tiffany Chang—all students of New York University as well.

PLEASE STOP CALLING ME follows Royale’s February release of the soulful hip hop record “Hold it Down (Freestyle)” and the emotionally powerful single “People Say” in January.

a film by: Amir Royale

starring: Kalonjee Gallimore, Triana Marie & Josh Holmes

crew: Ava Eichel, Elan Pelégri & Tiffany Chang

filmed in: New York, NY

edited at:

New York UniversityTisch School of the Arts, NYC

Splendor Palaces Screen & SoundWorksSaint Albans, NY