For A Day – Single


The official version of Amir Royale’s 2022 single, “For A Day.”

~ “For A Day” is an introspective and cautionary tale about the rocky roads of romantic and platonic relationships. Maybe it was my fault. Maybe it was yours. Maybe speaking about the past plurally is far healthier than individualizing regrets and sins. But, maybe that isn’t true? I’ve learned a lot over the years that the moment you feel love for anything, anyone, or yourself — losing that feeling is catastrophic. You HAVE to cherish the moments you have with those you love and remember them fondly ‘til your dying day. You stop being human when you don’t tell your story. You stop being a part of history when you don’t tell the stories of others. I don’t want to see the people I’ve loved from miles away or sitting right next to me fade completely out of existence. We all are the building blocks to each other’s memories — and I want us to remember the past and predict our futures without edits or questions. I like dancing to the same songs I cry to. I guess sometimes — to be honest — the truth is the sweetest antidote; even if you only have 24 hours to taste it.


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