Paradox – Single


The official version of Amir Royale’s 2021 single, “Paradox.”

~ “Paradox” is about overcoming one’s insecurities and becoming free of your personal demons. You are meant to soar higher than the brightest star. You are meant to outlive the wisest turtle. Thus, truthfully, the only thing really stopping you from doing that — is YOURSELF. Why is it so hard for us to sane? Why does it take us so long to recover from heartbreak? Why are we so fragile? Why am I STILL not enough? Where “People Say” teeters the line of dangerously falling prey to the naysayers and our dark thoughts — I wanted “Paradox” to be the exact OPPOSITE of that. My hope is that it helps others find solace in the love they’ve always secretly had for themselves. Why? Because just writing this all down helped me. Yet for some odd reason, it still doesn’t even feel like I wrote it for myself… </3

Your purchase will include both the EXPLICIT & CLEAN versions of this record.



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