Phonics – Single


The official version of Amir Royale’s 2023 single, “Phonics.”

~ I don’t think I’ve ever really felt well-understood by my peers or mentors. Most my life I was outcasted for my passionate and exuberant outlook. “Phonics” was a way for me to define what that felt like — but, furthermore — showcase to others how to combat it. I’ve had this song sitting in a vault since before the pandemic. Thus, I recruited some of my favorite people in this whole wide world to share the stage for one of my last few “harder” stories to tell. Or, well — at least I think soDeclan Sheehy-Moss (a good friend of the next J. Dilla and Robert Glasper – Cisco Swank); as well as Sydney Kate Palmer (an NYU student of mine) both bring this so beautifully to life — and, I don’t know — I just hope you finally get it one day. Maybe, just maybe — I even pray I’ll still be here on Earth to know finally what it feels like. That’s if God decides I’m lucky enough. I love and miss you all, always.


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