Pretty Bird – Single


The official version of Amir Royale’s 2023 single, “Pretty Bird.”

~ I get lost pretty easily. Not physically — but, emotionally for sure. I remember being in middle school early on and walking from my family’s house in Saint Albans deep into Queens Village. My father would usually drive me but had overslept that day. My grandparents weren’t home at the time either. I was always this straight-and-narrow sort of kid with my education at the forefront of my mind. I had perfect attendance and all that, the usual. How the heck was I gonna get to school though? Well, I had memorized the car rides (I window stare a lot), and ended up trekking a full hour of about 3 miles to get to class. I left my Dad a note and my entire family was surprised at my sense of direction and care for things. Only issue is — these days, that sense of direction I had is pretty different. I wanted to go to school. Nowadays, school isn’t a part of the equation anymore (at least not in the same way). I don’t have the same people I come home to. This house can hold about 5 bodies but recently has only stored two. Every bird is thrown from it’s nest to learn flight eventually — so, you either survive by gradual adaptation or end up failing and unsaved by those who guided you down the path in the first place. “Pretty Bird” is that call our feathered friends make to their new families as they develop elsewhere; if elsewhere ever comes. I decided I’d keep those I love closest a long time ago — regardless of right and wrong. In many ways, this was just another layover on the itinerary. I pray you enjoyed it.


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