Pruane – Single

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The official version of Amir Royale’s 2023 single, “Pruane.”

~ I’ve tasted toxicity. I’ve lusted after romance in a way that may have been unhealthy for a couple of years. I’ve misunderstood cues during intimacy before but have also had partners not reciprocate my passion or attention to detail. “Pruane” is about being in that center space between ‘DTF buddies’ and ‘soulmates.’ That unspoken sense of attachment intertwined with the minutiae of apathy. Somewhere smack in the middle of possessive and protective, sexual and sensual, in-love and out of it. We search for the love we think we deserve – and the people that are right for us; we often overlook or undervalue them. Maybe one day I’ll finally start getting all this stuff right. ‘Til then, I’m content sitting still.


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