Stories of the Lost, Rich & Tormented – EP


The official explicit version of Amir Royale’s 2022 EP, Stories of the Lost, Rich & Tormented.

~ Sophomore year, NYU Tisch’s Clive Davis Institute, 2017. I created the concept of Stories of the Lost, Rich & Tormented as a “Writing the Hit Song: Deep Cutz” homework assignment. Over the course of 14 weeks, I crafted and reworked about 12 or so ideas. Suddenly, my songwriting professor at the time (Eren Cannata of Cove City Sound Studios, Facethouse Records & Warner Chappel Music), directed us to use all the content we created thus far to formulate an EP. This project would then become one we’d pitch and present to potential A&R scouts. It was our final project. I curated 5 of my best records across the class to showcase a conceptual narrative and description of greed, lust, and youth insecurity within American culture. It is the final entry within my four-EP-long music chronicle (dating back to my 2015 EP, This Is for You.). To let this project go free finally, feels like a blessing. Thank you.


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