The Singletons

A compilation of American Hip-Hop/R&B polymath, Amir Royale’s, hit lead singles from 2020 to 2024. Released on January 5th, 2024.

artwork by: Arríanna Santíago, Julisse Tinoco, Carli Neudstadt, Dylan Assed, Markus Prime & Artist Kay Rey

photography by: Aja Eden AdamNova Photography

design by: SPECTRUMM Animations

composed by: Amir Angelo Oliver, Jabari Nikosi Voss, Declan Sheehy-Moss, Ricky Webber, Abigail Zachko & Axel Ljung.

written by: Amir Angelo Oliver, Christopher Wood, Sydney Kate Palmer, Lulu Kirtchuk & Abigail Zachko

performed by: Amir Royale, Sydney Palmer, LULITA & Mingko

background vocals by: Sydney Palmer, LULITA & Mingko

executive produced by: Prince Royale, Richie Cannata & Eren Cannata

produced by: Amir Royale, JabariOnTheBeat, Devereaux, Mingko & Axel Ljung



Declan Sheehy-Moss ; Saxophone

Mingko ; Guitar

arranged by: Amir Royale

vocal arrangements by: Amir Royale, Sydney Palmer, LULITA & Mingko

horn arrangements by: Amir Royale & Declan Sheehy-Moss

music consultants: Alan Silverman & Bob Power

engineered by: Amir Royale, John Arbuckle, Sydney Palmer, Declan Sheehy-Moss, Peter Enríquez, Mingko & Axel Ljung

mixed by: Amir Royale & John Arbuckle

mastered by: Amir Royale & Chris Gehringer

recorded at:

mixed at:

mastered at:


M. StageScene Communications / Blues Bell Music


SugarBeat Music Publishing

# of tracks: 8

runtime: 32:02